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James R. Columbro
Licensed Attorney

Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor

DOT Certified Substance Abuse Professional

You are a Client and entitled to certain legal rights


1)    The right to be treated with consideration and respect for personal dignity, autonomy                                           and privacy.

2)     The right to be informed of one’s own condition.

3)    The right to be informed of available program services.

4)    The right to give consent or to refuse any service.

5)    The right of freedom from unnecessary physical restraint or seclusion.

6)    The right to be advised and the right to refuse observation by others and by techniques such as one-way mirrors, tape recorders, video recorders, television, movies or photographs.

7)    The right to consult with an independent specialist or legal counsel at one’s own expense.

8)    The right to confidentiality of communications and personal identifying information within the limitations and requirements for disclosure of client information under state and Federal laws and regulations.

9)    The right to have access to one’s own client record in accordance with program procedures.

10) The right to be informed of the reason(s) for terminating participation in a program.

11) The right to be informed of the reason’s for denial of a service.

12) The right not to be discriminated against for receiving services on the basis of race, ethnicity, age, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or HIV infection, whether asymptomatic or symptomatic, or AIDS.

13) The right to know the cost of services, if applicable.

14) The right to be informed of all client rights.

15) The right to exercise one’s own rights without reprisal.

16) The right to file a grievance in accordance with program procedures.

17) The right to have oral and written instructions concerning the procedure for filing a grievance.

In addition to the rights listed above, no person will be denied admission to a program due to their use of prescribed psychotropic medications. This client rights and grievance policy will be given to each client at admission, with documentation kept in the client’s record and the policy will be posted at each program site in a place accessible to clients. All staff will receive and review a copy of the client rights and grievance policy and documentation of staff’s agreement to abide by the policy and procedure will be kept in their personnel files.